What Project Tango is and Why you Should Care About it



What Project Tango is and Why you Should Care About it


What is Project Tango? Well, Project Tango is a Google project with an aim of having augmented reality to tablets and smartphones. In order to locate its physical surrounding, it uses 3D motion tracking and depth perception. (1 raters, 5

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Facebook Customer Support


It’s a total crap for businesses to discuss customer’s hitches on their Facebook timelines publicly.  It has been the norm to many people to attack some personnel directly in the public domain where courtesy should be observed.  Contrary to this

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WhatsApp Modernizes iOS App with Free Voice Calling Feature


WhatsApp service has started rolling out the voice calling feature to iOS. This implies that iOS users can now have the opportunity of making free voice calls through WhatsApp because the latest edition of the messenger is now available in

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Google Gtalk replaced by Hangouts


Google has given its users to choose whether they want to use the old Gtalk messenger platform or switch to the new hangout platform.However, this is going to change with google has it is  planning to shut down Gtalk on

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Google Hangouts using in-transit Encryption Method


End-to-end encryption method is the encryption method applied in most messaging applications such as WhatsApp. However in the case of Google Hangouts, it was confirmed at an Ask Us Anything (AUA) session by tow two top officials from Google that

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