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Download Telegram free for Android, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, iPhone, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, PC, Windows, Windows Phone, iPad, Mac, Linux. There are almost hundreds of messenger apps available in download in these past years, but many of them does not offer high encryption over your messages which is prone to be seen by prying eyes of federal government and potential hackers. This is where Telegram messenger comes in. Created by the masterminds behind the Russian largest social network website VKontakte, the brothers of Nikolai and Pavel Durov creates a new messenger app called Telegram.

Telegram messenger starts off as a research project at first, which is triggered by the needs to have an instant messenger app that is safe and secure from the Russian security agencies. After their meddlesome affair with the authorities that results in both the VK offices and Durov’s home searched and the temporary blacklist sanctioned by the Russia’s State Telecom Regulator, the Durov brothers felt complied to make an instant messenger that allows secure private messaging that cannot be wired or tampered by third person. And thus, Telegram messenger is born.

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