Download Viber Messenger

Download Viber Messenger

Viber makes use of VoIP technology that lets you make international and local calls with a higher voice quality than that of a normal phone call.  You will get to enjoy unlimited free calls over 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi networks. However, there might be times when the audio quality of Viber is not very good, but the call quality is not bad at all. In a nutshell, the entire Viber calling experience is great.

Download Viber Mesenger app for Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, Nokia Asha, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, PC, Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Being a messaging application, Viber Messenger has made great strides as it was launched in 2010. Viber does not only have the normal options that come with other texting applications, it’s going to take it even with all the additional stickers and emoticons which allows for additional personalization.

Presently, there are far more than 200 million Viber users located in around 193 countries. 200 million individuals need to be on to something, correct?

Viber for Mobile

Download Viber for Android
Download Viber for Blackberry
Download Viber for iPhone
Viber for Windows Phone 8
Viber for Windows Phone 7
Viber for Nokia Bada Symbian 
Viber for Nokia Bada Wave M
Viber for Nokia Bada Wave 3

Not Available for Fire Phone
Not Available for Firefox OS

Viber Download Samsung

Viber Messenger for Desktop

Download Viber for PC
Download Viber for Windows
Download Viber for Windows 8
Download Viber for Mac OS
Download Viber for Linux Debian
Download Viber for Linux RPM

ViberDownload for Tablet

Viber for Android Tablet
Viber App for Blackberry Tablet
Download Viber for iPad
Viber for Windows Phone Tablet
Viber for Windows 8 Tablet

Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet
Not Available for Kindle Fire HD HDX

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