Top Add-ons for Google Classroom: Extensity, Google Voice Typing and Read and Write

Top Add-ons for Google Classroom: Extensity, Google Voice Typing and Read and Write

This article includes a brief guide regarding the add-ons for Google which can be enabled for education and learning purposes. Here we will cover the top add-ons, extensions or the tools which can help you a lot in various ways. Regarding technicality, add-ons are now included in the Google Drive or G drive now.

Many of these extensions have some options. Most of them add features to the Gsuite tools, here is the short description of each one of them

    • Extensity Add-On

The biggest problem which most of the teachers and students face is that there are too many extensions and add-ons enabled at a time. Most of the times this create conflictions and contradictions with each other. That’s why the first thing is to install the add-on to know which web tool you want to include in your web browser by using the Extensity. This add-on helps in selecting the essential tools and extensions for you which you may need with your browser.

    • Google Voice Typing (with a Kink) Add On

Well, this is not an actual add-on, but it can be used via another add-on. First thing is to be sure that you know how to use the Google audio typing system in Google Docs. You need Google Chrome for using it. Learn the basic steps of using the audio typing.

After this, if you desire to use the Google Voice typing anywhere, all you require is to have a Read and Write tab for teachers. Install it with your browser. Once it is installed click on the button saying “speech input”. When you download it, you get a full free trial package of 30 days. In these days, if you click on the “?” button and then the tab saying “I m a teacher,” you have to confirm yourself as you are a teacher. This tool works free for teachers. Don’t try to fake things and use this button if you are not a teacher.

Other than the handy toolbar which this add-on provides is too cool to use and provides the best voice typing service throughout the web.

    • Read and Write Add On for Google Chrome 

The real name of this tool was “text help for study skills” till 2014 but now it is changed to read and write for Google Chrome, and it has been updated so much now. This tool is beneficial for usage for the young kids and the competent English language learners.

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