Instagram App to Introduce Tapping on the Posts

Instagram App to Introduce Tapping on the Posts

In 2018, the notorious socializing app Instagram has definitely provided its users with some brand new features and other renovated ones that are designed to enhance the quality of the visual platform; for instance, Instgram enhanced the stories quality and embedded in the feature some new modes and filters such as the “Focus” feature that debuted by the start of 2018. However, the viral platform is reportedly planning to change some of its main functioning criteria; rumors doing the rounds state that Instagram may be introducing the ability to tap on the posts instead of quickly scrolling through them. The Facebook owned platform is in fact going through a testing period in order to determine whether the app’s users need tapping on the posts in the near future.

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As of now, scrolling through the Instagram posts is the main criteria in the platform which seems to be quite satisfactory; yet, it was leaked in the past days that the Instagram developers are diligently testing the implementation of the feature of tapping on the posts in a manner similar to the stories of Instagram. It isn’t quite confirmed whether the tapping feature is replacing the scrolling one or both of them are planned to coexist simultaneously; and also there isn’t a confirmed date for the launch of the new feature. An Instagram Messenger official said recently that the developers of the platform are taking their time to determine whether tapping on the posts will enhance the Instagram experience or not; tapping through the main Instagram page is supposed to bring the user one step closer to his favorite pages and Instagram users as it’ll be, supposedly, easier to skip the unwanted posts or less desired accounts.

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The idea of replacing scrolling with tapping on the Instagram main page seems, in fact, to be generated from the success of the app’s stories that are turning into an essential part of the Instagram daily experience. And as tapping is the main criteria for moving forward and backward through the Instagram stories, tapping through the Instagram posts might indeed prove to be a successful improvement of the platform; obviously, with a simple tap on the main page the user will move up or down the Instagram posts. Nevertheless, the theoretical success of the upcoming tapping feature doesn’t completely guarantee the practical efficiency of it once implemented in the Instagram app. Til date, it’s only assured that the tapping feature is being tested but there isn’t any official statement on the actual presentation of the rumored upcoming feature.

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