Download Whatsapp Messenger today and see Status 2018 Update

Download Whatsapp Messenger today and see Status 2018 Update

Download Whatsapp Messenger today! The newest Status aspect modification was previously obtainable in the beta model of WhatsApp and it will be added to the appropriate Android app very soon and will too come to the iPhone.

The company will continue to build on the new Status aspect that offers people fun and charming ways to share videos, GIFs and photos with their friends and family all through their day.

The ‘text statuses’ were included in WhatsApp ever since the very start, and it was in fact initially designed about them. They permitted people to establish a Facebook-style message to go with their name, for example, “battery about to die”, or “at work”, that would be exposed when they are talking to other people.

But Facebook offered the inclusion of stories as a tactic of updating those statuses, and including videos, pictures and GIFs that people could see. In doing so they removed the old text messages, and motivated a huge turmoil in doing so.

Facebook has been including the stories tools to all of its apps, and finished that exertion with the current addition of them to the formal Facebook app. While the firm has been disapproved for stealing the tool from Snapchat, it has showed popular, and at the moment Instagram’s stories alone are more widespread than the totality of its ghostly competitor.

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This feature will be a great tool that will attract more users to use the app as it did for other messaging apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Indeed it’s a big advancement for Facebook.

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