Discover Why Snapchat has Blocked Root Users Again

Discover Why Snapchat has Blocked Root Users Again

Snapchat app will not likely work on your Smartphone because the root users has blocked by Snapchat. Fear not, as a solution can be found. Snapchat has a huge user base, and as it was reported, only 65 percent of its users upload images most often, out of a 100 million users. Be that as it may, there have been quite a lot of security problems that have created concerns for the users. Customers love Snapchat app because it has a fast delivery system of photo messaging.

However, this happiness may end soon for a lot of users, or ended in view of the fact that the chatting app will no longer work on your Smartphones very soon, at least for those who have rooted their devices.

However, a new update that offeres a security check for the rooted devices have been pushed by Snapchat. Right now, the app simply works in such a way that when the user logs in, it searches for the presence of the super-user in the system.

Why Snapchat will shut down on your phone is due to the fact that the app performs specific tests to establish the condition of the OS and probably if there is any problem or their results are encouraging, which means Superuser is discovered in the system, the app shuts down automatically. Regrettably, a number of the currently available custom ROMs consist of root, which will most likely affect the multitudes of people who use Snapchat.

Blocking the app enabled on rooted iteration is somewhat not a good move as users would at all times want the security to be preserved at the highest level. On that note, quite a lot of users will launch the search for an immediate fix.

In view of the fact that the social media platform is loaded with more than a few different apps that are uncomplicated, easy for customization, user friendly, and are secure to use without the need for application of ridiculous patches, the choice of carrying out this pitiable move will cause users to move from Snapchat to another similar app.

Nevertheless, the users of Snapchat app shouldn’t fret about this present issue because a fix is coming very soon. An update that will be a fix to the shutdown problem will soon be provided and it will be by simply getting rid of the root checks in the app, just as XDA constantly comes through for users.

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