Highly encrypted messages with Telegram Messenger

Highly encrypted messages with Telegram Messenger

The secret chat function of Telegram is one of the best features that make it stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of intimidations to your privacy online, from hackers to the government. Searching for distrustful things online can even land you in jail.

The Telegram messenger makes it virtually impracticable for people to interrupt your messages. Leaving no footprints on the servers, your messages will be sent to the target recipient. As a result you can have peace of mind that all traces of your communication will be cleared as soon as the chat session is over.

Fast Speed in delivering messages

At the moment, Telegram is debatably the fastest instant messaging app out there. The messages sent and the messages received are very fast. Even, trendy messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp are perhaps not as fast as Telegram.

Storage in the Cloud

Telegram securely encrypts messages in the cloud for future access, in view of the fact that it does not store messages on its server. This implies that you can access them from your Android or iphone device any time.

Access Telegram from various devices

Users can use any of the available devices to communicate with Telegram. For instance, it gives access to Linus, Google Chrome, Windows PC, Mac OSX and Smartphones. The implication of this is that you can create a conversation on an Android phone and go on with your participation on Windows PC impeccably.

No restrictions to messages size and length

The ability to send and also receive an unlimited size of media attachments is among the incredible features of Telegram messaging app. You can share images, location, videos documents and lots more. Furthermore, Telegram allows its users to chat with up to 200 people simultaneously. WhatsApp only allows you to set a group of only about 50 people. In addition, any group member can invite other people to join the group with Telegram. As a result, it is not mandatory for group members to wait for the group admin to add more people.

Despite that Telegram messaging app doesn’t offer voice calls, it is one of the safest messaging apps. It is premeditated to function on even slow connections and built with user privacy and speed in mind. If you are looking for a secure communication tool for your business, Telegram is the way to go, particularly with its ability to set a self-destruct timer for the messages on all sides and decentralized servers with nonstop encryption.

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