Download WeChat Messenger

Download WeChat Messenger

WeChat Messenger is a free calling and free messaging app that allows you to connect easily with families and friends across the world. It is just a sure way to stay in connect with your loved ones all the time.

You will have to connect your phone number to a personal account, a process that cannot take you more than a couple of minutes, before using WeChat app. You can see the whole list of friends who are WeChat, once you do this.

Download Wechat ( Weixin 微信 ) for Android, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, PC, Windows, Mac, Linux.

Wechat for Mobile

Download Wechat for Android
Download Wechat for Blackberry
Download Wechat for Nokia Asha
Download Wechat for iPhone
Wechat for Windows Phone

Not Available for Fire Phone
Not Available for Firefox OS

Wechat for Tablet

Download Wechat for Android Tablet
Wechat for Blackberry Tablet
Download Wechat for iPad
Wechat for Windows Phone Tablet

Not Available for Kindle Fire HD HDX
Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet

Wechat for Desktop

Download Wechat for PC
Download Wechat for Windows
Download Wechat for Windows 8
Download Wechat for Mac OS

Not Available for Linux

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