Nokia Launches Future Plans for the Phone Industry

Nokia Launches Future Plans for the Phone Industry

The HMD’s President of Marketing in the Eastern Europe area confirmed the presentation dates for the Nokia’s re-launch on the Ancient Continent. The new version of Nokia handsets includes the Nokia 3310, and are expected to arrive in the market from mid-May to the onset of June.

The 3310 feature handset will be obtainable from both the shippers as well as the retailers. The executive did caution that the devices’ prices might be different from those HMD said at the Mobile World Congress, dependent on local VAT of the area where the devices will be sold. For instance, Germany is known to have the lowest rates at 19 percent whereas Hungarians have rates at 27 percent.

According to the marketing director statement, the HMD has haughty objectives, it needs to get the Nokia Corporation back into its routes in the Top 3, knocking out Samsung, Apple, and Huawei laterally on its way up.

The corporation that holds the rights to the Nokia handset brand is going back to old-school, delivering a modernized take on a feature handset that precedes the smartphone uprising. The new Nokia Corporation, which is possessed by remote equity-controlled HMD Global, launched a new updated version of Nokia 3310 before this month’s MCW (Mobile World Congress) trade exhibition in Barcelona. The original version of that phone was unveiled in 2000.

The new version emanates with the typical ‘Snake’ game, assures a battery that can last up to a month on standby mode, and comes in a design of colors than the initial passive gray-and-blue version. It will be obtainable in the start of the second quarter of 2017. Unfortunately, the handset, tangled to 2G mobile networks, won’t peruse the web that fast. And don’t expect it to have GPS navigation or any smartphone-type applications.

The initial 3310 version was launched when Nokia was the world’s No. 1 mobile-phone brand, afore Apple’s iPhone and gadgets operating Google’s Android made the smartphones a must-have. MWC, the place for many main mobile-technology publications, marks Nokia’s comeback to the sight after the tragic two years that Nokia handset unit has been under Microsoft’s control.

The Seattle-area Corporation in May last year gave HMD Global the rights to brand Nokia feature handsets like the 3310 that deficiency smartphone-like abilities, for $350 million. The HMD also certified the Nokia brand title from the Finnish company for usage on tablets and smartphones, and Mobile World Congress marks the entrance of three Android-powered latest smartphones having the Nokia name; the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

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