WhatsApp Modernizes iOS App with Free Voice Calling Feature

WhatsApp Modernizes iOS App with Free Voice Calling Feature

WhatsApp service has started rolling out the voice calling feature to iOS. This implies that iOS users can now have the opportunity of making free voice calls through WhatsApp because the latest edition of the messenger is now available in the iOS App Store with support to calling.

This new development to WhatsApp calling feature will allow you call your family and friends anywhere in the whole universe for free, provided that you have a working data plan on your registered number or a WiFi network.

You use the Internet connection of your phone to make call on WhatsApp instead of your cellular voice minutes plan. WhatsApp for iOS also includes some major updates to the messaging application and not only the free voice calling. It includes sharing extension and this simply implies that you can share photos, links and videos easily from inside other applications straight to WhatsApp.

Furthermore, WhatsApp plans to introduce other new features that will incorporate a quick camera button. This button will provide you quick access to the camera in order for you to shoot and send photos and videos right from inside WhatsApp messages.

But frankly speaking: The real kicker is the free voice calling

As a matter of fact, nobody can point accusing finger at WhatsApp for being a slave to any particular platform. WhatsApp has of recent introduced its voice calling feature to Android users as well as iOS users. In addition, the Windows Phone version of WhatsApp is on the list to get the update.

What about Blackberry? It was made known that the innovative modernized version of WhatsApp in Blackberry World happens to include voice calling and some other new features. In the past, just the rocking the better editions were able to use voice calling. However, Blackberry users can now make free VoIP calls to their family and friends (both within and outside the country) with the update.

The Taping Search feature from the actions list gives users the opportunity of searching for individual contacts, chats and messages instantaneously. Also, the font feature of WhatsApp now contest with what is used on Blackberry 10.3. There is also enhanced support for focus and navigation on the Blackberry Classic. Location messages reveal a better map foretaste. If you are chatting with unknown parties, their information can be saved to the contact list, while you can have a custom ringtone pronouncing an incoming call from WhatsApp.

You can now file the video, audio and pictures you get from WhatsApp by using year and months sub-directories. When pulling down the list past the beginning, the update adds counts to the Contacts tabs, Groups and Favs.

Regard to WhatsApp for understanding that BlackBerry users are also social bunch. More developers could most likely emulate WhatsApp’s inclusion of BlackBerry 10 users to its voice calling feature.

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