Facebook Customer Support

Facebook Customer Support

It’s a total crap for businesses to discuss customer’s hitches on their Facebook timelines publicly.  It has been the norm to many people to attack some personnel directly in the public domain where courtesy should be observed.  Contrary to this uncouth behavior, today Facebook has enhanced its pages, and it’s giving its users more options on their pages where they can privately message and respond to customers complaints. In addition to its business on messenger program, Facebook is entirely aiming to use telephony as their channel of customer support.

This innovation enhances business pages communication to dis-satisfied customers. This technology enables companies to respond privately clients who leave wall posts or comments on their timelines.  This move reflects a trivial development in the customers support system, unlike in the past where they could only give feedbacks and responses on the same platform where a customer begun the conversation. This ad on allowing businesses and customers to message directly from the Facebook news ads. To economize on time, the businesses can reply with an automated support messages, this phenomenon was witnessed in the month of June.

It’s fascinating that Facebook is designing new standards for customers support in relation to response speed. It’s in the move of awarding “a very responsive to messages badge on their page,” to businesses that manage to reply to over 90% of messages within a duration of five minutes. This marks a high yardstick to live up to, which could steer the companies to hire more support staffs specifically to respond to their Facebook messages. However, these pages can turn off this option for messaging if the company cannot afford the cost of the support team.

These new features enable small businesses to get social customer support power bought by big brands through a third party page management app. The head of Facebook Messenger said that in his opinion a touch-tone phone customer support is just primed to disrupt business communications. On the other side, synchronous chat becomes inconvenient for users if they have to wade through the phones trees and then wallow on the hold. He advocated for asynchronous instant messenger as it offers instant messaging in a satisfying and near-immediacy form.

This saves the company from the expensive call center method that handles one client at a time to an instant messaging support center capable of handling multiples of customers simultaneously. Facebook has thus enhanced e-commerce by launching of the business on messenger because customers can request directly from Facebook rather than sending an email or making a call.

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