Facebook and Whatsapp


Facebook and Whatsapp


Now a Facebook owner has become the owner of the Whatsapp and they are making many changes in the Whatsapp application. Currently, the news has come from the Whatsapp website that they are introducing some of the quality features of

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Facebook presents photo-matching feature


The new feature will aid the world’s biggest social media network to put down the intimate photos posted on the site, which is so called as the revenge porn. Facebook has recently declared a bundle of new steps which are

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Facebook to make a big deal of $1 billion for Instagram acquisition


It was exactly five years ago when Facebook has been declared as one the top business acquisition in the realm of the Silicon Valley: more than $1 billion users bought the photo sharing app named Instagram. At the moment of

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Facebook launched AI assistant – “M” in its Messenger App


Facebook launched AI assistant in its messenger named ‘M’. This artificial intelligence assistant of Facebook will show you recommendation based on your messages in the conversation and your friends won’t see those recommendations unless you approve it. This is available

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Facebook Customer Support


It’s a total crap for businesses to discuss customer’s hitches on their Facebook timelines publicly.  It has been the norm to many people to attack some personnel directly in the public domain where courtesy should be observed.  Contrary to this

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